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Ambulance Services

Princeton Rescue Squad is a dedicated 24/7 emergency medical service. We specialize in all types of rescue including vehicle extrication, high angle rescue, low angle rescue, swift water rescue, and we are now able to provide mass casualty rescue and assistance. In addition to our various forms of rescue we are also commited to the highest quality of medical care. Whether it be a transport for evaluation, interfacility transfer to a specialized hospital, or just a ride to the doctor's office, we are here for you.

Princeton Rescue Squad services roughly 2/3 of Mercer County with advanced and basic ambulance services. We provide transport for patients who are unable to get themselves to the hospital or doctor's office safely. Our highly trained professional EMT's and Paramedic's are capable of providing both basic and advanced medical care to patients while in the ambulance. We also provide interfacility transports for patients that require more advanced medical care that may not be available in our area.

Critical Care Transport Services

Princeton Rescue Squad is a state certified Critical Care Transport agency. We have highly skilled and competent critical care paramedics on call 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Our CCT truck is state-of-the-art with the very best equipment and capabilities available in the field. Think of our CCT team as the hospital on wheels, as we are able to effectively continue the same treatment offered in the sending facility while enroute to the advanced care setting. Our paramedics work along side with Registered Critical Care nurses to provide the highest level of medical care. Each member of this team must complete a rigorous training program and demonstrate their proficency to the highest level. When you are in dire need of advanced medical care, look no further than Princeton Rescue Squad CCT.

Specialized Rescue Services

In addition to routine and emergency ambulance transports, Princeton Rescue also boasts specialized services that are available at a moments notice. Our name says it all - Rescue! Our specialized rescue services include a state certified swift water rescue program, a high and low angle rope rescue team, a hazardous materials team, and a mass casualty response team. Each group is trained in the specific area of specialty and must maintain current certification through continuing education and updated training. The swift water rescue team is trained in survival swimming, setting up and effectively utilizing rope rescue systems over bodies of water, and have experience in swimming in many of the challenging conditions that are common in our region’s waterways. Our rope rescue team is a group of EMS providers that have taken it upon themselves to get voluntary training in skills such as knots and haul systems. This training includes horizontal and vertical movement of patients using specialized hardware. Our newest endeavors include the addition of a hazardous materials response team and the purchase of an ATV Ambulance for wilderness operations. With the addition of hazardous terrorism tactics, we have a team of highly trained personnel that can effectively perform containment, rescue and decontamination at hazardous materials incidents. Our wilderness rescue vehicle is a WV certified wilderness ambulance specially equipped with lifesaving capabilities and equipment that can deliver our trained personnel to remote scenes.

Motor Vehicle Crash Services

While citizens due all they can to avoid them; accidents do happen. Princeton Rescue Squad responds to hundreds of vehicular accidents and has the capability to effectively rescue victims in any situation. Either our new Medium-duty multi rescue unit or our light-duty unit have all of the tools, lighting, and resources necessary to put personnel and equipment in the middle of each scene. One of our "crash trucks" respond to all reported motor vehicle crashes with trained personnel that can effectively perform, or assist other agencies with extrication and vehicle stabilization.

Continuing Education Services

Princeton Rescue Squad employees know what dedication is all about. That is why we participate in ongoing continuing education to keep our skills sharp and to be sure that we are in line with the latest in medical care research for the pre-hospital setting. Continuing education classes are required for our basic licensing certification, but most employees go above and beyond the required classes and opt for the more technical and advanced training. We operate under the philosophy that you are not done learning until you are done living.

Community Education / Awareness Services

We know that we are only as good as the community that we serve. That's why we offer community education and awareness opportunities throughout the year. We have qualified and certified instructors in several disciplines on staff with the training department that are here to assist the general public with their education needs. We offer multiple first aid / CPR, disaster awareness, HIPAA, as well as other courses that are of interest to the public. We also offer awareness demonstrations to schools, nursing homes, and other groups or organizations that better prepare the public to react appropriately when dangerous situations arise.

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